The Illumined Will (Agni)

How shall we give to Agni?
For him what Word accepted by the Gods is spoken, for the lord of the brilliant flame?
For him who in mortals, immortal, possessed of the Truth, priest of the oblation strongest for sacrifice, creates the gods?

He who in the sacrifices is the priest of the offering, full of peace, full of the Truth, him verily form in you by your surroundings; when Agni manifests for the mortals the gods, he also has perception of them and by the mind offers to them the sacrifice.

For he is the will, he is the strength, he is the effecter of perfection, even as Mitra he becomes the charioteer of the Supreme. To him, the first, in the rich-offerings the people seeking the godhead utter the word, the Aryan people to the fulfiller.

May this strongest of the Powers and devourer of the destroyers manifest by his presence the Words and their understanding, and may they who in their extension are lords of plenitude brightest in energy pour forth their plenty and give their impulsion to the thought.

Thus has Agni, possessed of the Truth been affirmed by the masters of light, the knower of the worlds by clarified minds.
He shall foster in them the force of illumination, he too the plenty; he shall attain to increase and to harmony by his perceptions.

[Translated by Sri Aurobindo]

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