The Dialogue between Divine Intelligence and the Restless Mind

It is not now, nor is It tomorrow; who knows that which is Supreme and Wonderful?
It has motion and action in the consciousness of another, but when It is approached by the thought, It vanishes.

Why do you seek to smite us, O Indra? The Maruts are your brothers.
By them accomplish perfection; slay us not in our struggle.

Why, O my brother Agastya, are you my friend, yet set your thought beyond me?
For well do I know how to us you will not to give your mind.

Let them make ready the altar(the spine), let them set Agni in blaze in front(the spiritual eye).
It is there, the awakening of the consciousness to Immortality.
Let us two extend for you your effective sacrifice.

O Lord of substance over all substances of being, you are the master in force!
O Lord of Love over the powers of love, you are the strongest to hold in status!
Do you, O Indra, agree with the Maruts, then enjoy the offerings in the ordered method of the Truth.

[Translated by Sri Aurobindo in ‘Secret of the Veda’]

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