The Divine Dawn

Dawn, richly stored with substance, conscious cleave to the affirmation of him who expresses you, O thou of the plenitudes. Goddess, ancient, yet ever young you move many-thoughted following the law of thy activities, O bearer of every boon.

Dawn divine, shine out immortal in your car of happy light sending forth  the pleasant voices of the Truth. May steeds well-guided bear you here who are golden brilliant of hue and wide their might.

Dawn, confronting all the worlds you stand high uplifted and are their perception of Immortality; do you move over them like a wheel, O new Day, traveling over an equal field.

Dawn in her plenitude like one that lets fall from her a sewn rove moves, the bride of the Bliss; creating Swar(Heaven), perfect in her working, perfect in her enjoying, she widens from the extremity of Heaven over the earth.

Meet you the Dawn as she shines wide towards you and with surrender bring forward your complete energy. Exalted in heaven is the force to which she rises establishing the sweetness; she makes the luminous worlds to shine forth and is a vision of felicity.

By heaven’s illuminings one perceives her a bearer of the Truth and rapturous she comes with its varied light into the two firmaments. From Dawn as she approaches shining out on you, O Agni (the Illumined Will), you seek and attain to the substance of delight.

Putting forth his impulsions in the foundation of the Truth, in the foundation of the Dawns, their Lord enters the Vastness of the firmaments. Vast the wisdom of Varuna(soul of vastness and purity), of Mitra(source of love and light and harmony), as a happy brightness, orders multitudinously the Light.

[Translated by Sri Aurobindo]

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